What do lawyers working with people experiencing poor mental health or suicidality in Australia need to know?

Our team are speaking to people across Australia to design training for lawyers who work with people experiencing poor mental health or suicidality. We believe the people most affected by services should have the biggest say in what they look like.

We want to speak to: 

- People who have experienced poor mental health or suicidality and sought help from a free legal service
- Carers, family members, kin and supporters of people who have
- Lawyers, particularly those working in the legal assistance sector 
- Support staff and other professionals (paralegals, clinicians etc), particularly those with experience in the legal assistance sector. 

The legal assistance sector includes services such as Community Legal Centres, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Legal Services, Family Violence Prevention Legal Services and Legal Aid Commissions.

It will take approximately 15-20 minutes to complete the survey. Your participation in this study is completely voluntary. You can withdraw from the survey at any point, or choose not to answer particular questions.

Your responses are anonymous. Please do not include any identifying information in the survey. As this project is not research, we will not be publishing any of your quotes or personal stories.

The first 50 consumers, people who have experienced poor mental health or suicidality, carers, family members, kin and supporters to fill out the survey and provide their email address at the end will receive a $25 digital gift card.

We can update this survey if you have suggestions, thoughts or feedback. You can get in touch with our project team by emailing MHTP@maylea.com.au or calling 0457 620 129. You can find out more information about the project on our website: https://sites.google.com/maylea.com.au/mhtp/.

We are also holding interviews and focus groups led by consumer perspective experts. These can be held online or face-to-face depending on your preference. If this is something you are interested in, you can register your interest here: https://forms.gle/BsZbjvq7jAWhntDE6.

This project is funded by the Commonwealth Government, via Legal Aid NSW on behalf of a national consortium of Legal Aid Commissions. 
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