Barriers and Motivators for Students Engaging with the World of Work for Learning

The research is being carried out by the following researchers:

Chief Investigator, Felicity Blackstock, La Trobe University, Office of the Provost, WBL Academic Team

Investigator, Dean Merlino, La Trobe University, Office of the Provost, WBL Student Enablement

Investigator, Rachael Baron, La Trobe University, Office of the Provost, WBL Academic Team

Investigator, Clare Lade, La Trobe University, Office of the Provost, WBL Academic Team

Investigator, Steve Merry, La Trobe University, Office of the Provost, Partners, WBL Student Enablement

Research funder: This research is supported by in kind support by La Trobe University.

1.       What is the study about?

You are invited to participate in a study of the motivators and barriers for students enrolled at La Trobe University to undertake an industry placement subject for work-based learning experience. We hope to learn about what inspires a student or is a barrier to completing an industry placement as a formal subject in their degree.  We also hope to examine whether people of certain backgrounds, such as age, gender or the degree they are studying, have different motivators and barriers. Through understanding this, La Trobe University will be better positioned to provide students with the support they need to engage with the world of work for their learning.

The study will be completed over a 5-year time period (from 2023 to 2027), with students invited to participate each year in approximately February and March.  This will allow us to track how students' attitudes change over time following the early COVID era of 2020-2022.  

We have two mechanisms to connect with people and invite them to participate.  For some students, we have approached you, while you are on campus.  For others, you may have heard about this via a social media page, seen the opportunity on the La Trobe University website or hear about it from your course coordinator.  We are interested in hearing from a broad range of students across different degrees and with different opinions.  We have therefore used a broad range of methods to invite people to provide their comments. 

2.       Do I have to participate?

Being part of this study is voluntary. If you want to be part of the study we ask that you read the information below carefully.
You can read the information below and decide at the end if you do not want to participate. If you decide not to participate this won’t affect your relationship with La Trobe University.

3.       Who is being asked to participate?

You have been asked to participate because:
·       You are a student enrolled in a degree at La Trobe University and can comprehend this information and consent form and the survey questions.

4.       What will I be asked to do?

If you want to take part in this study, we will ask you to complete an anonymous online survey. It will take approximately 15 minutes of your time to be part of this study.

Your participation occurs only at the time you are invited.  You are not obliged to complete the survey every year, only the year that you consent to be involved.  You can participate each year while you are enrolled in a course at La Trobe University if you would like to volunteer.  You will consent each year if you are involved more than once. 

5.       What are the benefits?

There are no specific benefits for you taking part in this study. The expected benefits to society, in general, are an understanding of your interests, your motivators and what barriers exist for you to complete an industry placement.  By La Trobe University understanding students' needs, we can better design learning experiences that meet the needs of our students. Work-based learning, such as industry placement subjects, is an opportunity that supports students to connect with potential employers and prepares them for taking up employment upon graduation.  La Trobe University aims to increase the number of students completing an industry placement over the next five years.  To achieve this goal, the organisation wants to address barriers and ensure that the placements available align with students' career and life goals.

6.       What are the risks?

With any study, there are (1) risks we know about, (2) risks we don’t know about, and (3) risks we don’t expect. If you experience something that you aren’t sure about, please contact us immediately so we can discuss the best way to manage your concerns.

Felicity Blackstock, Academic Lead, Industry Placements, La Trobe University

We have listed the risks we know about below. This will help you decide if you want to be part of the study.
·       Providing information about your thoughts on completing industry placement subjects at La Trobe University may make you feel uncomfortable.

7.       What will happen to information about me?

By clicking on the ‘I agree, start questionnaire’ button, this tells us you want to take part in the study.

We will collect information about you in ways that will not reveal who you are.

We will store information about you in ways that will not reveal who you are.

We will publish information about you in ways that will not be identified in any type of publication from this study.

We will keep your information for 5 years after the project is completed. After this time, we will destroy all of your data.

The storage, transfer and destruction of your data will be undertaken in accordance with the Research Data Management Policy https://policies.latrobe.edu.au/document/view.php?id=106/.

The personal information you provide will be handled in accordance with applicable privacy laws, any health information collected will be handled in accordance with the Health Records Act 2001 (Vic). Subject to any exceptions in relevant laws, you have the right to access and correct your personal information by contacting the research team.

8.       Will I hear about the results of the study?

We will let you know about the results of the study by publishing a summary of results on the industry placements website of La Trobe University annually and through conference and journal publications at the conclusion of the study.

Alternatively, participants can email the lead investigator, Felicity Blackstock, and request a copy of the summary.

9.       What if I change my mind?

If you no longer want to complete the questionnaire, simply close the web browser and no data will be collected about you. If you change your mind after clicking on the ‘Submit’ button, we cannot withdraw your responses because we cannot link who you are with the questionnaire responses you submitted.

Your decision to withdraw at any point will not affect your relationship with La Trobe University.

10.    Who can I contact for questions or want more information?

If you would like to speak to us, please use the contact details below:

Name/Organisation: Felicity Blackstock, Academic Lead, Industry Placements, La Trobe University

Email: Felicity.blackstock@latrobe.edu.au

11.    What if I have a complaint?

If you have a complaint about any part of this study, please contact:

Ethics Reference Number - HEC23013
Position - Senior Research Ethics Office
Telephone - +61 3 9479 1443  
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