In it for the long haul: re-examining student support through the lens of burnout at La Trobe. 
 The research is being carried out by the following researchers: 
1. What is the study about? You are invited to participate in a study focussing on student stress and burnout at La Trobe University. This study is run by student staff members, initiated by the Peer Learning Advisors in response to observing growing levels of stress among fellow students. We are investigating the contributors and potential causes of stress; the usefulness of current support services and opportunities to enhance approaches to teaching and learning with resources and programs dedicated to combatting burnout at Latrobe.  

2. Do I have to participate? Being part of this study is voluntary. If you want to be part of the study we ask that you read the information below carefully. You can read the information below and decide at the end if you do not want to participate. If you decide not to participate this won’t affect your relationship with La Trobe University or any other listed organisation.  

3. Who is being asked to participate? You have been asked to participate because you are: Over the age of 18; Studying at La Trobe University.   

4. What will I be asked to do? If you want to take part in this study, we will ask you to complete an online survey with questions relating to your current studies and your experience of stress and/or burnout at university. It will take 15-30 minutes of your time to be part of this study.   

5. What are the benefits? The benefit of you taking part in this study is that you can share your experience and be a part of La Trobe’s response to student stress and burnout. This research will enhance our understanding of the experiences of La Trobe students and assist in the implementation of resources and programs dedicated to combatting burnout at Latrobe.  

6. What are the risks? With any study there are (1) risks we know about, (2) risks we don’t know about, and (3) risks we don’t expect. If you experience something that you aren’t sure about, please contact Wendy Ratcliffe (Principle Investigator) on +61354447604 or email: w.ratcliffe@latrobe.edu.au immediately so we can discuss the best way to manage your concerns.   We have listed the risks we know about below. This will help you decide if you want to be part of the study. 
Risk of surveys/intervention causing discomfort or potentially triggering distress by asking questions around your mental health (stress and burnout) 
There is a very minimal risk of your response being identifiable through the collection of your student numbers, however, the researchers are utilising a neutral data steward to de-identify all responses before the analysis process begins. The only potential avenue of identification is through technical error. It is also worth noting that any information you disclose here will not be tied to you personally. This includes disclosures surrounding alcohol and other drugs, as there are two questions which centre on said substances.  

7. What will happen to information about me? By clicking on the ‘I agree, start questionnaire’ button, this tells us you want to take part in the study.  We will not collect information about you in ways that may reveal who you are, however we will give you the option to provide your student ID.. It will assist the research team when analysing trends between student stress levels and other La Trobe student data (e.g. enrolment, course type, LMS usage rates). Your responses will be given to a neutral data steward who will de-identify all responses once the meta data around LMS usage, enrolment and course type has been graphed. Only once your responses have been de-identified will the data be given to the researchers. We will store information about you in ways that will not reveal who you are if you provide your student ID number. This information is designed for internal publication only and will only be considered for external publication after extensive internal review. Your responses in any final version, internal or external, will not be identifiable. All responses are aggregated and will be securely stored in a password-protected drive at La Trobe University. We will publish information about you in ways where you will not be identifiable in any type of publication from this study. We will keep your information for 7 years after the project is completed. After this time we will destroy all of your data. The storage, transfer and destruction of your data will be undertaken in accordance with the Research Data Management Policyhttps://policies.latrobe.edu.au/document/view.php?id=106/. The personal information you provide will be handled in accordance with applicable privacy laws, any health information collected will be handled in accordance with the Health Records Act 2001 (Vic). , you have the right to access and correct your personal information by contacting the research team.  

8. Will I hear about the results of the study? We will let you know about the results of the study indirectly using La Trobe communication systems including MyLatrobe. You can also receive a summary upon the completion of the study by emailing the principal investigator.  

9. What if I change my mind? If you no longer want to complete the questionnaire, simply close the web browser. If you change your mind after clicking on the ‘Submit’ button, we can only withdraw your response if you have provided your student ID, and only before the conclusion of the data gathering, as the researchers will need to directly ask the data stewards to remove your response.  Your decision to withdraw at any point will not affect your relationship with La Trobe University or any other organisation listed.  

10. Who can I contact for questions or want more information? If you would like to speak to us, please use the contact details below: 

11. What if I have a complaint? 
If you have a complaint about any part of this study, please contact: 

This research is supported by in kind support by La Trobe University.  
Please indicate your consent by selecting "I agree" and start the survey now by clicking the "continue" button below.