Welcome to the Industry Placements Expression of Interest - Tell us about your dream industry placement and when you would like to complete a placement.

The form is for students who are interested in completing an industry placement as an elective, special pathway or core choice subject as part of their degree.

By completing this online form, you are telling us that you are interested in completing an industry placement subject as part of your degree. By completing this form, you are not committed to completing a placement nor are you formally applying to complete a placement. 

You will provide us with your student details, contact details, course, year of enrolment and then answer questions about what your "dream placement" looks like. This information will be used by the WBL Placements Team to:
     1. Email you information on Industry Placements subjects, such as deadline dates or information on placement opportunities.
     2. Provide you with documents you will need to complete to apply for a placement.
     3. We will use the information provided by students to work with industry partners to design placements students are interested           in and align with their career aspirations.

No question is mandatory.  If you would prefer not to say, please leave the question blank.  If you do not know the answer, please tell us that you are unsure. There are no right or wrong answers in completing this expression of interest form. 

If you have any specific questions about industry placements, please contact the team by completing the following enquiry form:
Work Based Learning Placement Student Enquiry Form - La Trobe University - Online Form
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