Hi and welcome to MERTIL for Parents, thanks for stopping by today. As you are here it seems that you’re interested in completing MERTIL for Parents. A research team at La Trobe University is currently completing what we call a ‘pilot study’ of MERTIL for Parents. This is a test-run of the program. Our research is looking at how useful MERTIL for Parents is for parents from many different circumstances.

MERTIL for Parents:
·         Is an online program about trust in parent-child relationships, how to build it, and its importance for positive early childhood development.
·         The program will take approximately 40-minutes.
·         It includes some questions before and after the program to help us understand how useful it was for you.

The research part of it will include three short surveys to help us understand your experience. These include
1. One 15-minute survey before you watch the program
2. One 5-minute survey straight after you finish it
3. Three months after you watch the program:
o   We’ll send another 15-minute survey and
o   Give you the option to take part in a 60-minute Focus Group discussion with other parents about the program. This will be online.

What if I don’t want to be part of this study?
·         If you don’t want to be part of this brief study, that is fine. Please re-visit our site after our pilot study is completed, in December 2024, when MERTIL for Parents will be available to all.
So, what next?
·         We would value your participation in this pilot study. If you wish to join the study, please enter your first name and email below. A researcher will then email you information about access to the course and completing the consent process.